Facilities, Providers, and Supply Chain in Pakistan


Ali Khurshid.

Are providers using antihypertensives and MgSO4 for pregnant women at risk?
International recommendations on magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) have been adequately translated into national policies in Pakistan. However, the gap between national policy implementation and practice remains. This landscape analysis will include observations of client-provider interactions that identify knowledge and practices of ob/gyns, midwives, and frontline providers in detecting pre-eclampsia and eclampsia (PE/E) and use of a loading dose of MgSO4 and antihypertensives among pregnant women at risk of developing PE/E. Using this information, Ending Eclampsia will provide recommendations to improve maternal and newborn health outcomes.

Research questions include:

  • Are frontline providers aware, skilled, and interested in adopting global recommendations to prevent and manage PE/E?
  • What are the knowledge, attitudes, practices, skills, and experiences needed to detect, prevent, and manage PE/E?
  • What are the barriers and operational challenges that influence the uptake of MgSO4?
  • Country: Pakistan