Landscape Analysis Launched in Pakistan


Ali Khurshid.

Researchers will explore national policies and policies in Sindh and Punjab provinces.
This cross-sectional study encompasses a desk review of literature on pre-eclampsia and eclampsia (PE/E) in Pakistan, and the availability and use of magnesium sulphate (MgSO4) and antihypertensive drugs. Researchers will also interview policymakers, partners, program managers, and health providers to identify policy and program activities, gaps, and challenges regarding prevention and treatment of PE/E, and administration at provincial and district facilities of an immediate (“loading”) dose of MgSO4 required to halt seizures in eclamptic patients, followed by “maintenance” doses to manage the condition until the baby can be safely delivered.

Research questions include:

  • What interventions are implemented to prevent and manage PE/E?
  • What policies and programs exist regarding prevention and management of PE/E, availability of MgSO4 for treatment and loading dose, use of aspirin among high-risk pregnant women, and appropriate use of antihypertensives during pregnancy?
  • Are policymakers, development partners, program managers, and frontline providers aware, skilled, and interested in adopting global recommendations to prevent and manage PE/E?


  • Country: Pakistan