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Complications and Safety of Preconception Low-Dose Aspirin Among Women With Prior Pregnancy Losses

Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2016

Findings: Most women reported at least one symptom (gastrointestinal discomfort and unusual/excessive bleeding) during the course of the trial, not differing by treatment arm (74% low-dose aspirin compared with 73% placebo group. Symptoms were more commonly reported among women interviewed while pregnant (83% low-dose aspirin compared to 82% placebo), compared to women interviewed while not pregnant (53% low-dose aspirin compared to 51% placebo).

Maternal complications were evenly distributed by treatment arm, with the exception of vaginal bleeding, which was more commonly reported in the low-dose aspirin arm (22% compared to 17%). The distribution of fetal and neonatal complications—which included three stillbirths, three neonatal deaths, and 10 neonates with birth defect(s)—was similar between treatment arm.

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