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Frequency, Risk Factors And Feto-Maternal Outcomes Of Abruptio Placentae In Northern Tanzania: A Registry-Based Retrospective Cohort Study

Most studies on abruptio placenta have been reported in developed countries, there are limited reports from Tanzania and the East African region. Given the high background risk of African women coupled with weak health care system, some women in Africa might carry an exceptionally high risk of abruptio placentae as compared to women in developed countries and may benefit from preventive interventions thus the need to identify those at risk. The objective of this study was to determine the frequency, risk factors for abruptio placentae and feto-maternal outcomes associated with abruptio placentae in Tanzania.

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Clinical and Biomarkers Difference in Prepartum and Postpartum Eclampsia

In Ethiopia, this study examined the association of clinical features of biological markers with prepartum and postpartum eclampsia, adding to the large body of literature on the incidence and risk factors of the disorder. A total of 361 eclamptic women were included in this analysis. A comparative analysis was done for several clinical and biological variables to assess their association with prepartum and postpartum eclampsia.

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Review Demonstrates Very Low Incidence of Side Effects from Magnesium Sulfate

Despite consensus that MgSO4 is significantly more effective than diazepam or phenytoin in preventing seizures in PE/E, universal and consistent use of the drug has been slow to take hold. Concerns have persisted about its toxicity, particularly among providers in low- and middle-income countries. This review brief demonstrates that MgSO4 is not a dangerous drug, and calls for clinical leaders to adopt, promote, and support its use as the anticonvulsant of choice.

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