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The burden of maternal morbidity and mortality attributable to hypertensive disorders in pregnancy: a prospective cohort study from Uganda

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 2016

Constituting the highest burden of disease among the study’s 403 participants with hypertensive disorders, 218 (54.1 %) had severe pre-eclampsia, 172 (42.7 %) had eclampsia, and 13 had chronic hypertension or hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes or low platelets (HELLP) syndrome. The case-specific maternal mortality ratio was 780 per 100,000 live births for all hypertensive disorders, and was 1940 per 100,000 live births for severe pre-eclampsia and 501 per 100,000 live births for eclampsia. The case-fatality ratio was 5.1 % overall (for all hypertensive disorders), but was eight times higher for eclampsia compared to severe pre-eclampsia.

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