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Primary Health Care-Preeclampsia/Eclampsia Plus Model

Ending Eclampsia, 2018 Starting in 2016, Ending Eclampsia initiated six additional implementation research studies in three countries – Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan – to identify and assess additional components that, in conjunction with the Core Model, can further improve prevention, detection,…

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Policies for Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia Prevention and Management

Ending Eclampsia, 2017 Findings revealed providers’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices of national policies, task sharing, proper use of MgSO4, detection and prevention measures, and use of the referral system. This brief includes recommendations for trainings and task sharing.

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FLORENCE: A midwife success story

Ending Eclampsia, 2017 Between June and July 2016, Florence attended an Ending Eclampsia-led training on proper detection of pre-eclampsia, administration of the MgSO4 loading dose for severe cases, and referral of PE/E patients to secondary facilities for management. Since then, she has seen…

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